Video Idea Planning Guide + Printable Worksheet!

Being Organized + Youtube… Can it be done?! IT CAN, with a Video Idea Planning Guide!

youtube video idea planner worksheet for side hustles

Let’s crush some goals this year! I promised myself this year not only would I strive to be more organized, but I will also double-down my Youtube efforts and produce more high-quality videos on the brittnyTV Youtube channel. If you’re like me, simply speaking these wishes into existence just ain’t going to get it done. Sure, the law of attraction applies to some extent but I firmly believe if you want something, you HAVE to plan, prep, and hustle for it.

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Luckily for the both of us, I’ve created this video idea planning worksheet that you can purchase here on my Etsy shop to get started! It’s super simple: print out this worksheet (as many as you need) and get started with video idea planning! BAM. Don’t worry, I’ve broken down all the blanks because where there’s a worksheet, there’s an answer key 😉

video idea planner + free printable worksheet


Each section is aimed at focusing on the important aspects of video planning. Pre-planning is essential to a comprehensive and well-thought-out video. Layout the structure, theme, and purpose of the video first, then you can spend the rest of your time on creativity and having fun. The less last-minute rushing we do, the better our overall stress level and the final product will be.

The Break Down

  • Proposed Thumbnail – Sketch out a basic thumbnail picture and text layout. You can research other thumbnails in your vertical to see what catches your eye! (This is good for preventing last-minute scrambling to create a thumbnail.)
  • Finalized Title – SEO optimized title that STANDS OUT and begs to be clicked on! (Reference your keywords section.)
  • Video/Series Type – Categorize the type of video you are creating.
  • Check Boxes – Keep track of how far along in the video creation process you are with each video idea. You can always come back and keep working later.
  • Working Title – To begin the brainstorming process of video creation. Basically, what is this video about?
  • Summary – More in-depth description of what this video will be about. What will you show? What will you tell?
  • Purpose – Why are you making this video? How does this video serve your audience? What will your audience take away from this video? Will this interest old subscribers? Will this attract a new niche of subscribers? How does this video topic relate to YOU?
  • Key Points – What do you want to make sure you touch on in this video? Key information you want to share. What “hidden tips” helped you learned what you are demonstrating? How can you make this easiest and most informative to your viewers?
  • Keywords – Important words that will help your video get discovered by the Youtube algorithm and search engines. I recommended the Google keyword planner to help find the best ranking keywords for finding relevant viewers.
  • Storyboard/Screenshots – Get a visual of the shots you want to capture. Changing up shots gives the viewers more points of view and helps keep them interested.

Don’t forget: Click here for the Video Idea Planning PDF!

Let me know if you have any questions about the sheet or components of video idea planning. Tag me in your planning posts (@brittnyk on Instagram) if you use this sheet!

How are you crushing your goals this year?

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