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I just want to take the time to post and thank every single one you that has read a blog post, liked an Instagram picture, or tweeted me. You support and love means everything to me. At times, it gets hard to find the motivation and drive to keep going. We’re all human, negativity and lack of engagement can get the best of all of us. I just want to thank ya’ll for sticking with me – through the gaps in posting and random uploads, you all were still with me.

I started this blog for the pretty girls who didn’t realize they were pretty on the inside and the outside. For the young brown girls like me that had no clue or guide on makeup and what products would work for their skin. For the tall girls that wanted to turn heads for reason other than that they were tall. For the shy girls that were full of personality but didn’t know how to express it. For the girls that were ashamed of some of their best and most unique features. I want this to be a platform that we can share and promote the message that says, “YES, we’re here. YES, we’re powerful. And, YES, you’re going to listen to us!”

I want to stop trying to be like everyone else and just be myself. The sarcastic, shy, witty, weird person I truly am. I just want to ask that you all stick around for more fun adventures. I’m just winging it but as long as I follow through the mission I set for myself when I first started my blog then WE GON’ BE ALRIGHT!

makeup tips for dark skin blogThis blog is not just for me, it’s for all of us! Thank you so much for rolling with me. I love you all!


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