Starting Fall off Right with a Target Haul!

Fall is officially HERE! I’m so excited. While everyone is pulling out their fall fashion and fall makeup looks, I’m pulling out my fall home decor. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fall outfit and berry lip but, at the end of the day, I want to cozy up on the couch and FEEL fall in my home. My first fall home decor haul just happens to be from the easiest place to spend $100 in 6 seconds: TARGET!

Who else gets excited when Target brings out the seasonal decor? I know I’m not alone…

Keep reading to see more about my fall Target home decor haul! 
Fall Home Decor from Targer

The Pumpkins –

As soon as I approached the halloween section, I caught a glimpse of these gorgeous, studded pumpkins in the distance. When I tell you I RAN over to the section, please imagine an entire grown adult rolling their shopping cart as fast as humanly possible towards the halloween section leaving their very confused husband in the dust behind them.

I just LOVE these pumpkins. Last year, they made a featured appearance in one of Jaclyn Hill’s videos and the internet went wild. They sold out so fast so I’m glad they decided to bring them back. They come in two sizes and two colors creating a total of four options which makes for unlimited design possibilities.

Target Home Fall Decor

The Coffee Mugs –

Cheesy, we know. But we are still “technically” newlyweds! I feel super sassy using my Wifey coffee mug and it makes me smile in the morning seeing Michael use his Hubby mug. These mugs are super adorable with their millennial slang and trendy typography.

Man, would you look at those pumpkins again? Super sassy and edgy. Also, the smaller pumpkin was found in the halloween section as well – the perfect complimentary pumpkin!

Target Fall Home Decor

We finished out our haul with cute pieces from Bullseye’s Playground aka the Target Dollar Spot – including this cute pumpkin jar with a lid, cartoon spider table runner with pom poms, and the gold wire basket pictured above. We also snagged a few cute door mats to clean up our front porch because they were at such a good price. Can you believe that Hello, Goodbye mat was only $10.99?

That’s how it happens…

You find a bunch of super-cute, can’t-live-without products are a reasonable price, then you go to the register and the price stacks up. That phenomenon is what I like to call “The $100 Target Curse”.

Overall, I really enjoyed the items Target brought out this year in it’s fall and halloween departments. My home is slowly getting that fall feeling I love.

How are you decorating your space this fall? 

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