Hello MAC Fancied: Velvet Teddy and Taupe’s Lipstick Love-child

Have you all heard of the newly-released MAC Select lipstick in Fancied? This limited-edition lipstick is supposed to be the perfect combination of two other MAC Cosmetics matte faves: Taupe and Velvet Teddy.

To see lip swatches of MAC Fancied, as well as MAC Taupe and MAC Velvet Teddy, keep on reading!

MAC Select Fancied Lipstick on Dark Skin swatch

MAC Fancied

MAC describes Fancied as a neutral pink-rose. This limited-edition matte lipstick takes the warm pinkness of MAC Taupe and mixes with the lighter, slightly cooler base of MAC Velvet Teddy. As of now, MAC Fancied is only available to MAC Select Members.

MAC Taupe Matte lipstick on dark skin swatch

MAC Taupe

MAC describes Taupe as a muted reddish-taupe brown, which makes sense given that its name is Taupe. This is my go-to nude when I want some color on my lips but still falls in the MLBB (my lips but better) category. I take MAC Taupe on all my work trips because it brings a look together without being too overpowering and wears beautifully throughout a day of meetings.

MAC Velvet Teddy on dark skin swatch

MAC Velvet Teddy

MAC describes Velvet Teddy as a deep-tone beige. On my skin tone, it leans cooler and pinker than a typical “beige” lipstick shade. I could, however, totally rock a ’90s nude lip by pairing MAC Velvet Teddy with a darker lip liner like MAC Cork, and a clear gloss. Also, this classic MAC staple comes in a mini version as well.

Side-by-Side Comparison

MAC Fancied vs Velvet Teddy vs Taupe comparison on dark skin swatches

MAC Fancied looks just like what I imagine the love child between MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Taupe would look like. Taking some characteristics from each “parent” shade but still being unique enough to stand on it’s own.

If you find Velvet Teddy too cool – try MAC Fancied. If you find Taupe too warm – try MAC Fancied. I think it has really found it’s niche in the MAC matte nude lipstick range.

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What are your thoughts about the Limited-Edition MAC Select lipstick in Fancied? 


  1. Kay
    February 16, 2019 / 6:59 am

    Thank you for the comparison. I love this color! I bought it the day it was released. It was my first MAC lipstick. Yes, this shade really is neutral and would look good on everybody. Also, it goes with any makeup look. I’m just sorry that it’s gone. If I had known how much I’d love it, I would have bought several.

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