HGTV Bingo Made Me Love HGTV Again

HGTV bingo game

One of my favorite wind-down activities is to indulge in cheesy, HGTV shows. It scratches my home-buying itch, it has a heavy amount of underlying drama, and it has more cliches than you can count. What more could you ask for? Nothing…at first. But, after watching these shows season after season, my relationship with HGTV turned stale.

A little backstory: my husband and I have been watching HGTV together since we were sophomores at Baylor. We’ve seen enough episodes to be certified HGTV cliche experts. We could pretty much improv our own episode of house hunters.

Fast forward about five years and there we were – getting bogged down by the same plot twist and characters. I was looking to spice up my HGTV life again. That’s when I discovered HGTV Bingo and my love was reestablished.

Currently they have 3 shows on HGTV bingo. My current two favorites are House Hunters bingo and Property Brothers bingo but I’m sure House Hunters International bingo will soon top them both. Those international house hunters are exceptionally quotable.

Each board is randomized so no two boards are the same. Of course, with a heavily produced, long-running “reality” show such as these, there are MANY quotes and phrases to fill thousands of bingo boards. Let’s take a look below!

House Hunters Bingo

house hunters hgtv bingo

House Hunters Bingo Gems:

  • “Buyers love to entertain” – have we ever seen an episode of buyers who DIDN’T want to entertain? Where are the anti-social millennial house hunters? Oh wait… *flips to Tiny House Hunters*
  • “Husband too hot for wife” –  CLASSIC. Makes it even more interesting as the drama in their romantic dynamic is unveiled
  • “Buyers complain about busy street” – They usually want to be near the city center yet expect the quietness of the country… NOT WITHOUT A PRICE, MY FRIENDS!
Property Brothers Bingo

property brothers hgtv bingo

Property Brothers Bingo Gems:

  • “Buyers surprised by price of first house” – Well, Jonathan, maybe if you hadn’t started out the process by showing them everything they wanted in a house 3x their budget we wouldn’t be here right now. Goes great along with “Jonathan frustrated with buyers in interview”
  • “Jonathan jokes about Drew not helping” coupled with ” Drew shows up during reno, is completely useless” is basically the Property Brothers main “thing”

Check out HGTV Bingo if you also love HGTV shows, figuring out cliche themes, and adding a competitive element to your nightly de-compressing routine

Have you played a reality show bingo game? Let me know your favorites below! 

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