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FreeTress Kitron Wig Review 1b
Big Hair, Don’t Care…featuring the FreeTress Equal Kitron Wig from! I picked up this fluffy piece in shade 1B.  This wig has been all over YouTube and Twitter (shoutout to #wignation)! 

I’m on a journey to try out more hairstyles while, at the same time, growing out my own hair. Wigs make this possible! Whether you’re looking for something temporary to have a little fun or more long term as a protective style, wigs allow you the freedom of changing your hairstyle without the commitment of changing your own hair! Keep reading for more details on this fabulous wig from FreeTress in the style Kitron!

Big Curly Hair Kitron Wig Try On Review

Per usual, the picture on the packaging is very, VERY deceiving. Trust me when I say, whoever is styling the wigs for the product shots is clearly someone’s old-school grandma because the wigs are just SITTING on top of the model’s heads. Yet still…I bought the wig.


  • Synthetic
  • Lace Front
  • Heat Safe up to 400 degrees
  • Deep, L-shaped part
  • Price: $27.99

As soon as I got it out of the packaging, I was impressed. GET IT FREETRESS KITRON! The curls are so soft and silky while still maintaining a yaki, natural texture. Don’t underestimate the size of this baby – this wig is BIG! Once you work your fingers through the soft, springy curls the wig starts to get bigger and bigger. If you love volume, this is the wig for you!

This wig looks great both as a middle part and as a side part. It has two smaller combs at the front, one on each side of the part, and a larger comb at the back. It has lace through the deep parting, but you could also cut through the parting to have leave-out if you wish.

My one “sort-of-kind-of ” con is that the wig is full AND long – kind of like a lion’s mane. It was a little too long for my liking straight out of the package so I tweaked Kitron a tad with a bit of layering. I chopped a good five inches off of the bottom to make it more wearable for myself. The curly texture is very forgiving which is great if you’re a little shear-shy!

The only thing it is not forgiving with is BRUSHING. Whatever you do, don’t brush this baby! A little finger-combing is all you need or else it will turn into a giant puffball. And not a cute puffball either, the kind of puffball that makes your momma shake her head and drag you to her bathroom so she can “do something to that mess”. SO DON’T BRUSH IT!

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Wig in Kitron Try On


  • Don’t have to be a wig expert to finesse this wig
  • AFFORDABLE – only $27.99
  • Nicely defined curls
  • Fun and flirty style
  • Big head friendly!


  • A LOT of hair
  • Synthetic – tangling is inevitable
  • More maintenance than a straight hair wig

If you’re looking for a fun, protective summer style then you NEED to give the FreeTress Kitron wig a try!


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