Etsy Sticker Haul: Holidays and Celebrities

Drake face sticker

How ADORABLE is this little Drake sticker?  

My First Etsy Sticker Mini-Haul!

A few weeks ago, I received a few of my Esty sticker orders in the mail.  I’m super excited to put these into my planner because they are unique and adorable!

Sassy Celeb Stickers

These are a few of the sets I received in the mail from Sassy Celebs.  I ordered a 3-pack each of Yeezy and Drizzy (Kanye and Drake). I also ordered celeb/quote sets from Mindy Kaling, Craig Robinson, and Parks and Recs.  I’ve decided to use these faces and quotes to help cover up the Thankful Thoughts each week.  I feel like it just adds another element of my personality to the spread and also cracks me up so WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?    

These stickers are individual die-cut instead of on a sticker sheet, but the backing peels apart the same way a bandage would which makes it much easier to peel and stick.

Piper Paper Co. Vintage Christmas Sticker Set

This Vintage Christmas Winter Spread Weekly Sticker kit from Piper Paper Co. is what I used for my Christmas Week spread.  I love how festive the colors and patterns are without being overwhelming.  I picked this sticker kit because I love how many items are included. For example, I have enough heart checkboxes for each day of the week, enough full boxes as well as separate headers and To Do and To Clean boxes. This seller was very mindful of the amount of items needed to completely deck out your weekly spread when she created the layout and bundle and I really appreciate that!

My Newest Addiction Stickers

These BEAUTIFUL watercolor planner stickers are from My Newest Addiction, which is coincidentally my newest addiction. Such a clever shop name, I might add.  They add a very bohemian feel to my planner and I love that little added touch of clover to my weekly life view.  I have to add, her weekend banners may be my all time favorite addition to my planner ever.  They are so whimsical and I haven’t seen very many imitate these designs at all. 10 points for originality.

Luxemermaid Stickers Luxemermaid Stickers

Tumblr inspired stickers from Luxemermaid! These were an impulse buy because i love tumblr-y things, if that makes any sense.  But I love them.  They’re fun and quirky.  I’ll probably end up sticking them in random spots more once I start to figure out the theme and scheme of my planner BUT in the meantime they’re scattered around my desk just being cute.  Also, A HANDWRITTEN NOTE...I love it!

All in all, this was a great introduction to ordering stickers from Etsy to decorate my planner.  I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future (I have 52 more weeks to decorate) so if you have any sticker stores you recommend for Esty sticker hauls PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

C+C Britt

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