5 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips | Christmas 2017

Christmas Decorate the tree with me video

I’m definitely not a professional but I really enjoy decorating my tree each year. Hope you all enjoy as well. I think it’s fun to see the different pieces each person puts into their tree. Watch me decorate my tree and read my 5 easy Christmas tree decorating tips down below.

Pre-Lit is your best friend!

Make your life 500x easier by buying a pre-lit tree. Less time spent on adding lights means more time (and patience) on adding ornaments.

Fluff your tree!

Fluffing your tree gives it a fuller and more realistic appearance. Touch each brand and spread it out equidistant from the other branches.

Larger ornaments first!

Stuff larger ornaments deep into the tree to film in gaps and add dimension. This trick will help your tree look fuller, as well!

Add whimsical elements!

Adding whimsical elements to elevate your tree beyond basic. I used gold antlers in my tree but you can add anything with different shapes, sizes, or texture to draw the eye in.

Mix and match finishes!

Mix an assortment of finishes and textures to help reflect light and catch the eye.

How are you decorating your tree this year? 


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