3 Ways I’m Getting Organized to Reach My 2020 Goals

2020 is here! Have you figured out what goals you want to complete in this new year? I’ve shared one of my 2020 goals here! Getting organized can help set you up for success for any goals, whether you have them planned out or not. Here are the 3 ways I’m getting organized this year! Three simple concepts that will make a large impact on crushing my 2020 goals.

bullet journaling and planning for 2020 goals getting organized

Visualizing Plans & To-Do List

This is probably the most important of the list and not just because I really, really love stationery, This year I’m writing down EVERYTHING. Each and every idea, brainstorm, wish, and want I will be writing down in my journal. Writing down these things helps to make them concrete ideas and from there I can devise a game plan in my planners to tackle each of the stepping stones to achieve my overall goals for 2020.

Here are my top planners and journals for 2020:

Digital Decluttering

Starting FRESH in 2020. I’m cleaning up my desktop, deleting unnecessary apps on my phone and unfollowing any clutter on my social feeds. I want to have a clean interfaces on my devices and social feeds so I can work undistracted and feel inspired to create.

Desktop Clean-Up Checklist:

  • Trash the digital clutter (files, screenshots, installers)
  • Move loose files into appropriate folders
  • Create a brand NEW 2020 Folder
  • Create an organization subfolder system to prevent clutter

iPhone Refresh Checklist:

  • Be mindful of the data apps request access to
  • Delete shopping apps from stores you haven’t shopped at in 6+ months
  • Group apps into folders (shopping, photography, social media)
  • Turn off notifications that clog up notifications screen

Social Media “Unfollow Spree” – unfollow anyone who meets the below criteria:

  • Faux inspirational
  • Content has gone stale
  • Triggers negative thoughts (comparison, self-doubt, unhealthy habits)
  • Instagram recommended you follow them
  • Hasn’t posted in 3+ months
  • #Sponsored content is ALL they post

cute cash envelopes for millennials manage cash flow budget 2020 getting organized

Managing My Cash Flow

Almost all of the goals on my 2020 list require some sort of monetary contribution.  I want to make sure my budget is streamlined so I can afford my plans, whether it be for a plane ticket, class fee, or material costs. In December, I started testing out the Cash Envelope system and so far I’m really loving it. Making a budget and filling these ADORABLE, hand-made envelopes has really helped me see how much frivolous spending I do on a weekly basis.

Start by breaking out each of the variable spending areas in your life and create a realistic spending budget for each. I’ve made cash envelopes for the follow categories: groceries, toiletries, work lunches, eating out, and my dog.  goes into The miscellaneous envelope contains whatever is leftover from my variable spending budget. I normally use this for random Amazon or Target purchases 🙂 By limiting down spending budget to only necessities, I’m able to save more money for activities I want to experience in 2020.

How are YOU getting organized this new year? Let me know some of your favorite organization tips in the comments below!

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