A Busy Girl’s Hack to Bullet Journaling

Featuring the adorably designed AmandaRachLee 2021 Doodle Planner!

Whether you know it formally as a “bullet journal” or simply as a “bujo”, I’m sure you’ve seen this dot-grid phenomenon taking over the internet. Pinterest and IG are a treasure trove of planning and study inspo and the bullet journal craze has found itself the star in the middle of it all.

While I do love the aesthetics and creativity bullet journaling allows, between working full-time and juggling various hobbies (knitting, sewing, photography, youtube, baking, reading, DOINEEDMORE…?) I tend to not have a lot of time left in the week to create intricate spreads and pre-plan months at a time.

On cue, filling a necessary gap in my busy life enters the ARL Doodle Planner to the rescue!

I first stumbled upon Amanda Rach Lee and her bullet journal spreads back in my early planner girl phase of ’17. View my other planning favorites! I’ve been coming back month after month to check out the bujo spreads she creates.

You might love the Doodle Planner if you’ve wanted to explore the world of aesthetic bullet journaling but either felt too intimidated to start from scratch or too busy to create multiple, themed spreads.

Benefits of the Doodle Planner
  • Tons of pre-printed doodles that combine the fun of coloring and filling in a bujo without the stress of drawing, doodling, or planning spreads in advance. Amanda created a variety of simplistic yet themed spreads to color and decorate each page.
  • Amazing high quality with thick 160gsm (read: super thicc) pages means no bleeding or ghosting! I love that I’m able to use my favorite pens, mildliners, and Tombows without worrying about messing up the other pages
  • Support a small, female entrepreneur-owned business!

You can find Amanda explaining the 2021 Doodle Planner in her own words here. If we’ve already sold you on the benefits of her Doodle Planner, purchase here!

AmandaRachLee Doodle Planner Overview

Yearly Pages:

  • 2021 Overview
  • 2020 Reflections
  • 2021 Goals
  • Things to Check Out!
  • 2021 Reflections

Monthly Spreads:

  • January – Art Deco
  • February – Floral Roses
  • March – Monstera Plant
  • April – Clouds
  • May – Floral Daisies
  • June – Study/Chill Vibes
  • July – Seashells
  • August – Retro Vibes
  • September – Stationery Aesthetic
  • October – Spooky/Witchy Vibes
  • November – Waves
  • December – Planets & Space
Each month contains the following pages/trackers:
  • Monthly Calendar
  • 9 Habit Trackers
  • Mood Tracker
  • Goal/Faves
  • Blank Dot-Grid Page
  • Week by Week Spreads

In addition to all these pages and spreads, there are 16 blank dot-grid pages to add-in your own spreads! I truly feel like Amanda included a good mix of trackers and drawings to scratch the creative itch without leaving the consumers unfulfilled. With the blank pages, I may add in a reading log or sleep tracker but those are not absolute NEEDS.

Let me know what your favorite Bullet Journal brands are down below! 

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