Mac Paint Pots swatches on dark skin

MAC Paint Pots

What are they exactly? What do they do? Why do I need one?

Do you feel that…

  • normal eyeshadow primers just do not cut it?
  • you need more coverage due to unevenness or veins?
  • you want to add a bit of color correctiveness to your eyelid area?

Answer yes to any of these? Then MAC Paint Pots are a great way to go. View Post

valentine's day lipstick

Sultry, flirty, and luscious shades for your pout. Perfect your Valentine’s (or Galentine’s or Singles’ Awareness) Day look with some of these handpicked MAC Cosmetics shades. View Post

Morphe Palette

Morphe Brushes has been gaining more and more attention these days on social media.  One of their most popular palettes, 35O, has been selling out non-stop since it’s release.  I have been looking forward to snagging a palette since I saw them get such great reviews all over the web. Luckily, I was able to snag the Morphe 35W palette on Hautelook for $15 USD.

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january monthly favorites spread

January has come and gone. Seems like it was just New Year’s wasn’t it? New Year, New Me – is that still going on?

A lot of things happened this past month, some I’m proud of and some I’ve learned from.

  • I celebrated my first real month of blogging
  • I achieved the personal goals set for the blog for January
  • I connected with bloggers from around the world – follow me on twitter
  • I learned a vast amount of knowledge about photography and editing

Let’s see what products really stood out the most this month!

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discount beauty products on a budget

My first how to is dedicated to those who has a passion or inclination towards buying beauty products.  I have a few tips and tricks I would like to share to further help us all release our inner beauty and creativity without breaking the bank.  I hope you enjoy reading this how to about finding beauty products on a budget and let me know other tips I may have missed!

Part I – Finding Products

Being a Makeup Enthusiast, Makeup Collector, or Makeup Artist may seem like it takes a lot of money to do properly. This does not have to be the case. Everyone starts somewhere and if you don’t have the newest, fanciest, most high-end products on the market do not be discouraged.

I’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get started on your beauty journey. Products are a must, but spending thousands of dollars on them is not. If you haven’t learned anything about me yet, do know I LOVE a good bargain. Let’s get to the list now, shall we? View Post

Pink Nu-Grunge FOTD

Lately, I’ve been all over tumblr taking inspiration from just about everything. This weekend a few tags caught my eye – nu-grunge and grunge pastel.  I’ve put together this pink grunge-y face of the day look channeling this inspiration while using some of the products I’ve already reviewed on my blog.

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Lime Crime Venus Palette

A year too late, but I finally got my hands on the Lime Crime Venus Palette! I purchased this through Dolls Kill during the BOGO sale after Christmas.  On Dolls Kill, the palette retails for $32, which is why I’m glad I waited instead of rushing to get it when it first came out and paying a premium.  My NEED for this palette never died even after all the controversy the brand has been experiencing (I know, I know), so I decided to purchase it through a third party site just to be safe. 


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