Tried and true winter shower routine!

defeat dry dehydrated winter skin

My skin just can’t win during the winter. Between cold winter air, piping-hot showers, and artificial heat my skin has been stripped of almost ALL it’s moisture (luckily I’ve been addicted to my homemade, flavored waters). I’m so glad to have finally perfected my 3 step winter shower routine to help keep my skin hydrated and soft all through winter. The last thing I want in the New Year is cracking, ashy skin. If you’re feeling stripped dry this winter, keep reading to see my top 3 winter shower routine products to defeat dry, dehydrated skin!  View Post

The pancetta-panko-parmesean topping doesn’t hurt either

best mac and cheese recipe

What makes the best mac and cheese?

I’m a no-egg mac and cheese girl. One, because I have a sensitivity to egg but also because I have never met an egg-bound mac and cheese dish that wasn’t GRAINY and curdled. In my opinion, the KEY to having the best mac and cheese is texture. We are aiming for a baked mac and cheese that is crunchy on the outside, and ooey-gooey on the inside. This recipe is all about texture juxtaposition and texture juxtaposition leads to the BEST mac and cheese.  View Post

Your current cleansing routine might not be enough.

double cleanse tips and how to

My Story…

When I first started getting interested in skincare I thought I was doing great. Heck, I used to SLEEP in my makeup, surely anything is better than that! Or so I thought…

I would cleanse my skin with whatever new product sounded cool at the drugstore – everything from apricot scrub to a grapefruit foaming cleanser. I totally thought I was not only “on-trend” but that, in no time, my skin would be as flawless as the ladies in the advertisements. But no matter what cleanser I tried, my skin always had a micro layer of makeup and dirt that was always evident by the marks left on my cotton pads or white towels.  View Post

Gift Guide for Home Chefs and Home Cooks

As someone who is getting more familiar with her kitchen, I wanted to make this gift guide to help you shop for your friends in a similar boat! The gifts can work for any food-enthusiast friend, whether they are an aspiring Chopped contestant or just trying out the latest Pinterest recipe. Take a peek and grab some ideas of what to get as gifts for home chefs in your life!

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These links are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission! Feel free to google the links on your own, I just wanted to save you precious shopping time by linking directly to the items. Enjoy!

The most coveted holiday swiss roll cake

Just bringing this cake along to any family gathering will automatically exempt you from traditional probing questions. This cake says:

  • “I’ve got my life together”
  • “I’ve been practicing hobbies”
  • and “be envious that I have free time”

all at the SAME time! So instead of researching clapbacks to questions like “when are you going to have kids,” just bake this swiss roll cake instead! chocolate swiss cake roll

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