Pink Nu-Grunge FOTD

Lately, I’ve been all over tumblr taking inspiration from just about everything. This weekend a few tags caught my eye – nu-grunge and grunge pastel.  I’ve put together this pink grunge-y face of the day look channeling this inspiration while using some of the products I’ve already reviewed on my blog.

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Lime Crime Venus Palette

A year too late, but I finally got my hands on the Lime Crime Venus Palette! I purchased this through Dolls Kill during the BOGO sale after Christmas.  On Dolls Kill, the palette retails for $32, which is why I’m glad I waited instead of rushing to get it when it first came out and paying a premium.  My NEED for this palette never died even after all the controversy the brand has been experiencing (I know, I know), so I decided to purchase it through a third party site just to be safe. 

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Outfit Inspiration – Volume I

Just a little fall outfit inspiration. Here in Dallas, the weather cannot make up its mind, but it’s alright with me!  It was such a beautiful day to explore outside.  This cute corduroy button up skirt is from Target. I love how the rich oxblood color offsets the lighter pinks and tans. Since this skirt is highwaisted and appears shorter against my long legs, I paired it with an oversized Chelsea & Violet cardigan from Dillard’s to balance out the overall look. The cardigan helps bring the look together and take the focus off how much leg is showing. For taller girls, it’s important to utilize larger proportions to offset long limbs. A lesson learned from RuPaul 😉

red lipstick challenge

Recently, over on R/BrownBeauty there was a red lipstick challenge.  A CHANCE TO PLAY IN A SOME RED LIPSTICKS! In essence the challenge was to wear the red lipsticks in your collection in consecutive days, although, I had a blast doing it in a matter of hours.  The point was so that you’ll remember why you bought them and fall in love again.  And who can turn down a good makeup challenge? Here were a few of my personal favorite red lipsticks I tested for the challenge.

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